At Gateshead M.F.C we ask all inexperienced new members to complete a series of flying manoeuvers using a Buddy Box dual control system to ensure that all aircraft are flown in a safe manner. After a Pilot has demonstrated that they are competent they will be asked to complete these manouvers flying without the aid of the Buddy system.

On completion the Pilot is presented with the Club’s    ‘Solo Flying Certificate’



 Solo Flying Certificate Manoeuvers


1:  Fly A Basic Circuit.

A Basic Circuit should be flown in a Clockwise & anticlockwise direction without any noticeable loss of height.


2: Circuit Transition.

A Basic circuit should be flown in either a clockwise or anticlockwise direction from a fixed point without any noticeable loss of height. 


3: Figure Of Eight.

A flat figure of eight should be flown with the crossover point immediately in front of the pilot. Again there should be no noticeable loss of height.


4: Cimbing, Diving & Stalling.

This section demonstrates the pilots ability to control the height of the aircraft using the throttle & will also show his or her ability to recognise a stall and take the appropriate action to maintain control of the aircraft.


5: Take Off. 

The Pilot should be able to consistently control the aircraft on the ground so as to achieve controlled take off into wind.


6: Landing.

The pilot should be able to consistently perform a controlled landing approach and touch down into wind within a designated area.


7:Dead Stick Landing.

The pilot should be able to land the aircraft into wind and touch down within a designated area when the engine is idling or shut down. 


            Members are also encouraged to pass the B.M.F.A  Achievment scheme ‘ A ‘ & ‘ B ‘ Tests.
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